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Geoffrey A. Kostecki

Geoffrey A. Kostecki’s work ranges from sharp-focus realism to landscape absractions he calls “Fogscapes.” A church restorationist by trade, Kostecki’s canvas paintings also create a space of quiet contemplation for the viewer. He holds a B.S. in Anthropology and an M.F.A. from the Art Institute of Boston, however, attributes most of his success to his long term apprenticeships with artists such as Robert Bock and Contemporary Realist, Graydon Parrish. He currently teaches painting and drawing at The Amherst Atelier.

Geoffrey A. Kostecki
POB 299
Montague, MA.

University Lorenzo D' Medici
Florence, Italy - 1999
Oil Painting / Renaissance History
  Art Institute of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts - 1997-1999
BA Fine Art / Graphic Design
Apprenticeship Robert Bock
Woodbury, Connecticut - 1994-1997
Master Tromp L'oeil painter
  Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado - 1987-1991
BS Fine Art /Anthropology

Art Institute of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts - 2003-2005
MFA Fine Art / Visual Art


Mural Painting Teacher
Art Institute of Boston
Summer, 2002